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    Tomcat Handy

    Tomcat Handy
    16th March 2017 Nazia White

    It is the world’s first Hand-Propelled trike that can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind.

    Designed for users with wide ranging disabilities but no use, or extremely little use of their legs


    “The biggest difference we’ve noticed with Erin is that she’s far more confident when she’s out and about she’s able to talk to people. From a physiotherapy point of view, she’s actually building arm muscle which given her condition of SMA is fantastic. Family life has improved no end since we’ve had the trike.”

    Nigel & Erin Brant

    What’s Special about The Tomcat Handy trike?

    Tomcat’s Handy Trike is very much designed with learning difficulties, poor motor skills and rider safety in mind.  It’s a classy looking machine with single or multi-speed drives and many important features not available on other hand propelled trikes  – such as an optional Two-Piece Frame, trailer bar, hand AND foot drive and either Carer Control or Carer Braking.  However, its key Hand Propelled feature is its balanced cranks.

    What are “Balanced Cranks”?

    When children have poor strength, co-ordination or learning difficulties, they struggle with the pendulum effect of paired crank handles and are content to rock the handles back and forth, (which is unproductive).  By balancing the drive system, we have overcome that issue and riders find the Tomcat HP, simple, intuitive and easy to use.

    Other Benefits

    When fitted with Carer Control, our Tomcat Handy trike becomes very much easier to propel because holding the Carer Control arm, eliminates the “steering wander” typical of hemiplegia or other uneven arm action.  The Tomcat HP also has other important benefits such as easy transportability, a non oily belt drive, full adjustability and because the legs are often static, a much longer lifespan.

    Custom Building

    Needless to say the Tomcat Handy is bespoke for the user – be it individual or group use – from the wheels up, because we believe it’s better to make your trike after we understand your difficulties and not before!  Tomcat products are about you – not us.

    Price £POA

    Foot shoes with foot support and leg straps

    Carer braking

    Hand mitts

    4 point harness

    Extra wide saddle

    Head rest with wings

    Our innovations


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