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    Tomcat Road Hog

    Tomcat Road Hog
    21st February 2017 Nazia White

    The Roadhog is Tomcats multi-speed trike for more able riders.

    Ergonomically, it is similar to the Fizz design, but it is always free-wheeling, and always multi speed, with either a 5 speed hub, or 9 and 18 speed derailleur drive.


    “I just wanted to say a very big thank you for my son, Callum’s trike. It is wonderful and he loves it – we have had great fun over the last few days going for rides on it around the local village, we have even been for ice cream. I cannot thank you enough for the chance you have given my son to have freedom and to feel like a normal little boy.”

    Vicky Gouldboum

    Unique Innovative features

    Hub-geared Roadhogs have their hub built into the axle, which saves weight, friction losses and service complexity over “Mid span – Two-Chain” drives, with considerable speed and efficiency improvements as a result.

    What’s more, the Roadhog sports our innovative gear-change-cable “Make and Break” system, which allows it to dissemble and assemble in seconds, and be transported like any other Tomcat, making Roadhog the world’s only “Two Piece” multi-geared trike!

    The Roadhog can also be fitted with a backpedalling brake if manual dexterity is an issue.

    Accessories and Custom Building

    Needless to say the Roadhog can be fully accessorised and being a Tomcat, it’s always bespoke because the smallest issues can make a big difference on the long cycle rides the Roadhog is designed for.  We have always believed in designing and building your trike after we understand your difficulties and not before, because Tomcat trikes are about you – not us.

    Group use

    Custom building is also about group use.  When we build trikes for schools or cycle centres, we do so to suit the general ability spectrum but we also build with ease and speed of adjustment in mind.

    Transport with ease

    Easy to assemble and very easy to transport thanks to its two piece frame system.

    Trike or trailer

    It can be reconfigured from tricycle to trailer in just a few seconds.

    Price from £1,219.00

    For the “basic” model shown below.
    *Price applicable to UK mainland only

    Security arms

    Security T backrest

    Swivel seat bracket

    Tractor Saddle

    Upholstered backrest

    Foot shoes with straps

    Our innovations


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