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    Tomcat Silver Arrow

    Tomcat Silver Arrow
    8th June 2020 Nazia White

    Tomcat Silver Arrow

    A multi-geared road bike with three wheels, for the more able rider. Suitable for ages 7 – 14 years.

    BASIC MODEL £2,439.00

    *Price applicable to UK mainland only. Base model not shown.

    A versatile, multi-speed trike for leisure and everyday use

    The Silver Arrow is a highly stable, low sitting trike for independent riders of 7 to 14 years (approx).  It is an outstandingly versatile and adjustable trike that is tough enough for everyday use, but light, fast, and comfortable enough for sports and leisure use too.

    As standard, it sports a Shimano Inter-8-Speed Hub and differential drive for balanced power to both rear wheels, and Tomcats (patent pending) “Self Centralising Steering” feature for sure-footed and predictable steering at any speed.  It is highly transportable when built with the two-piece frame or “removable wheels” options,  and it optionally converts from a trike to trailer (in approx 45 sec’s).

    The Silver Arrow can be fully accessorised with, foot, leg, trunk and head support if necessary, and our removable “Basket and Carrier” system is optionally available.

    Electric Power-Assist is optionally available for “off-road” use, or for riders of  14 years and over on the public highway.  Tomcats “Bionic Buddy” slow-speed power assist, is also available for riders under 14 years who wish to ride on the public highway (max speed – 5kph).


    Start your own lifestyle revolution with the Tomcat Arrow Range!




    (Base Model)

    Silver Arrow
    Approximate Minimum User Age 7 years
    Approximate Maximum User Age 14years
    Approximate Minimum User Height 115cm
    Approximate Maximum User Height 160cm
    Maximum User Weight 100kg
    Technical Spec
    Overall Length 178cm
    Overall Width 74cm
    Seat Height to Ground * 60cm
    Overall Height to Ground * 98cm to 110cm
    Wheel Size Front / Rear 16” x 20”
    Trike Weight * 24kg
    Crank Length 115/125mm
    Gearing 8 speed Shimano Inter8 Hub Yes
    Front caliper brake / rear disc Yes
    Optional Pedal Assist Off-road or over 14 years
    Motor power (continuous rating) 250watts
    Sports Control No
    Standard Control Yes
    Controller Twist Grip
    Battery power 9Ah or 11.4Ah
    Horn – 140 Db “Hornit” Yes
    Differential Drive to Rear Wheels (Power Assist Drives) Yes

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