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    Tomcat Tiger Trike

    Tomcat Tiger Trike
    16th December 2016 Nazia White

    Designed to suit the narrow pelvis of small children dealing with disablement of any kind.

    The Tiger Trike can be as simple or supportive, either independent or supervised, as the rider requires. For children aged 18 months to 4 years (approx)


    We’ve just got in from a morning bike ride and had a lovely time. Its thanks to your Tomcat Trike that allows us to do these things better and in a more age appropriate way.

    Ewan’s mum.


    Tiger Innovation

    Small children have a narrow pelvis but a standard pedal span rarely reflects that fact! We wanted our Tiger riders’ posture to be totally natural, so we manufactured our own special crank and pedal system. We saved a full 4.5cm on the pedal span by tucking the drive away inside the Tigers cool looking frame, because when pedals match pelvis, the legs are naturally comfortable and the Tiger becomes the ideal therapy tool for growing bodies.

    Sizing Chart
    Approx min Age Min inside leg Max inside leg Approx min height
    Tiger Small 1.5+ 30cm 39cm 70cm
    Tiger Large 3+ 38cm 47cm 82cm
    Technical Spec
    Small Tiger Large Tiger
    Overall Length * 95cm 98cm
    Overall Width 66cm 66cm
    Height Seat to Ground * 41cm 50cm
    Height handlebar to Ground * 58cm 67cm
    Wheel Size 12.5″ 14″
    Trike Weight * 10.5kg 11.5kg
    Max User Weight 20kg 20kg
    * Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.

    Price from £665.00*

    For the “basic” model shown below.
    *Price applicable to UK mainland only 

    Back rest

    Foot shoes with straps

    Foot shoes with leg support

    Tomcat hand mitts

    Head support

    Lap strap

    Our innovations


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