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Tomcat Tiger

Tomcat Tiger
16th December 2016 Nazia White

    The Tiger is not just a very beautiful trike for younger children, it is designed for their special physiology too.

    The Tiger Trike can be as simple or supportive, either independent or supervised, as the rider requires.


    “I think that the gift of Anouk’s trike has been the single most life enhancing act of kindness we have received since Anouk’s diagnosis – it has made a massive difference to her quality of life and hence to ours… Anouk loves it and is very proud of it and we are very grateful.”

    Catherine, Richard, Neave and Anouk

    Tiger Innovation.

    Small children have narrow pelvis’s, but that is not usually reflected in the span of special needs trike pedals.  When we designed the Tiger, we wanted to arrange the child’s body in a natural, comfortable posture, which meant making our own pedals, cranks and drive.  We tucked it all away inside the Tigers cool looking frame, saving a full 4.5cm over conventional pedal spans.  This produced great results because when span matches pelvis, the trike is naturally comfortable.

    Hidden technology.

    As well as the smooth and silent belt drive, there is a three function, disc brake, park brake and (if specified) a full Carer Control™ mechanism all tucked away inside the frame.  The advantage of this is that the Tigers clever technology is perfectly protected from weather and interference, and is maintenance free for life as a result.

    Why Custom Building is so important.

    Younger children particularly benefit from our custom building skills and experience, because their bodies, skills and strengths are all at their most tender and most in need of nurturing; so for very small children, our expertise and concentration on balancing a child’s skills and potential couldn’t be more important.

    Ages 2 to 5 are the formative years that can shape a child’s life and we take great pride in helping them with that great adventure, not just when we build the Tiger, but at every stage thereafter.  Needless to say, all Tomcats crucial accessories and features like head to toe support and Carer Control™ and Carer Braking™ are available on this very unique and beautiful tricycle.

    Price from £604.00

    For the “basic” model shown below:

    Available Colours

    Our innovations


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