Twister Shoe Options

Inside Lining

If available this option allows you to choose between:

  • Plain lining
  • Perforated lining

Outsole Material

The EVA OUTSOLE is suitable for heavy splints or to be worked by an orthotist.

  • EVA Outsole


FLAT HEEL gives increased stability for those who are not walking independently and/or with non-dynamic splints.

ROLLING HEEL is recommended to help those who are walking independently with a normal gait (stance and swing phase) and/or with dynamic splints/dafo.

  • Flat heel
  • Rolling heel

Flexy option

The FLEXY OPTION gives extra flexibility to the eva outsole. It is recommended for those who wear dynamic splints / dafo or walking without splints. Only available for eva outsoles.

  • FLEXY Outsole

Check your size

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