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    Twister Boa Lacing System

    The Easy-up’s collection is designed for fully independent use by AFO, DAFO and splint users or those with reduced mobility or grip.

    Thanks to its tilting rear heel, the Easy-up shoe can be completely opened as though it was an open slipper, thus allowing the foot to slip easily into place.

    The Easy-up’s clever Boa lacing system then closes the tilting heel and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. This means there are no pressure points on the instep which are commonplace with laces and velcro, whilst the simplicity of the Boa lacing system, means that the shoe can be fitted and laced with just one hand.


    The Easy-ups look like normal shoes but they are much more than that. They have an extra inner volume that allows to wear it with splints, AFO, toe-off, orthotics and even custom insoles. Above all, they have a tilting rear heel that makes very easy to slip the foot in.


    Easy Ups are equipped with the most revolutionary closure system in the world: BOA. To open the rear heel you just need to pull the knob outward and release the lacing system.


    With the lacing system loosened, you just need a finger to completely open the rear heel.


    While you keep the heel down, the Twisters will be like slippers, thus allowing the splints to slide easily into the shoes… it has never ever been so easy!


    And now what you have to do is just push the knob inward and turn dial clockwise to tighten laces. The BOA reel offer seemingly infinite degrees of fine uniform tuning so that there are no more pressure points on the instep.

    #6 … THAT’S IT!

    Very easy, isn’t it?! In few seconds you can do what normally takes time and strain. Not only that: in many cases, children and adults that usually aren’t able to wear the shoes by themselves, they now can do it with the Easy-ups!