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Twister shoe options

Many twisters model could be purchased with different options. If available they will be listed in the drop menu (“lining options” and “outsole options”) of of each product page .

Please check the options and read the relative description in the form below.

Please check also the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” tab under for model materials and specs in the e-shop.

Inside Lining

If available this option allows you to choose between:


Plain lining


Perforated lining

Outsole Material

The EVA OUTSOLE is suitable for heavy splints and/or dragging or scuffing feet or to be worked by an orthotist.

EVA Outsole


FLAT HEEL gives increased stability for those who are not walking independently and/or with non-dynamic splints.
ROLLING HEEL is recommended to help those who are walking independently with a normal gait (stance and swing phase) and/or with dynamic splints/dafo.



Flexy option

The FLEXY OPTION gives extra flexibility to the eva outsole. It is recommended for those who wear dynamic splints / dafo or walking without splints. Only available for eva outsoles.

FLEXY Outsole