Van Raam Easy Go Cycle Scooter bike UK

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This compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or variable energy levels. There are three options available on this tricycle: just pedalling, pedalling with electric pedal support or using 100% electric power assist. When the rider folds the footrest down, they no longer pedal and use the cycle as a mobility scooter – it has variable speed levels. The rider can easily decide which type of support they want during the cycle ride.
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The Easy Go is quite compact and manoeuvrable, hence also suitable to use for shopping. The adjustable double suspension gives the rider a stable and comfortable driving experience. There is no driving licence or any other driving ability certificate required to ride the Easy Go. However, the user must obtain insurance before use.

For further information about this product and the additional accessories/choices available visit the Van Raam website
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Standard equipment

  • Carrier
  • Differential
  • Plastic chain protection
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Parking brake
  • Lock
  • Frame suspension
  • Lighting
  • Foldable footplate
  • Five-year guarantee on frame
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  • Bicycle, electrical bicycle and scooter bike
  • Compact, stable and agile
  • You are still cycling
  • Possible to move without cycling
  • Easily to switch between three different types of driving
  • Can go forwards and backwards
  • Short turning radius
  • Fits through a normal door
  • More compact than a mobility scooter
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“My name is Anita. Because of my muscle rheumatism, cycling on my electric bike didn't work anymore and I became isolated. The Easy Go scooter bike gives me back control of my life.”
Anita Vis - Woerden