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    Van Raam Fun2Go – side by side bike UK

    Van Raam Fun2Go – side by side bike UK
    19th October 2018 Nazia White

    Fun2Go side by side bike – for the enjoyment of cycling!

    Price on Request.

    The Fun2Go is a tandem cycle in which the users sit beside each other. The bike allows both users to pedal together, whilst the carer steers the bike safely. The riders can get on and off the tandem without having to step through and the seats are easily adjusted via a lever.

    There is an optional electric engine to give power assist to help users to cycle under any conditions with ease.

    The Fun2Go has 8-speeds on the driver’s side and on the co-driver’s side,  there is the option of a freewheel hub, an 8-speed hub or a disengagement hub. Van Raam has also recently combined the two options, the 8-speed hub and the disengagement hub, into one universal option.

    The maximum weight for the Fun2Go is 120kg per person.  There is also an option of a reinforced frame, where the maximum weight is increased to 180kg per person.

    For further information about this product and the additional accessories/ choices available visit the Van Raam website

    “My grandmother is no longer allowed to cycle independently, which is why I organized a ride on the Fun2Go for her. My grandma had a lot of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly!” 

    Timon Klein Wolterink – Aalten 


    Standard equipment

    • 8 gears
    • Basket
    • Hydraulic rear disk brakes
    • Environmentally friendly paint
    • Parking brake
    • Lock
    • Steering limiter
    • Adjustable seat
    • Lighting
    • Cushion seat


    • No step in, easy to take your seat
    • 1 Person steers, both can pedal
    • Perfect sight and attention on the passenger
    • Many drive systems possible for both the driver and the passenger
    • Very agile, it can rotate around his own axis
    • Best tested
    • Many cycle possibilities
    • Better communication, seats next to each other
    • Easy to use
    • Stable and firm


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