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Wheellator® – Rollator & Wheelchair combo

The advantage of the Wheellator is its variability. The Wheellator can become a mobility aid with manual propulsion almost instantly.*

Due to the diversity of the push handles, they can be turned to different directions quickly, in which case it is possible to use the Wheellator with the help of a caregiver.

*The primary function of the Wheellator is to be a well-supporting walking aid that gives a better stability than for example a normal rollator.
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The greatest advantage of the Wheellator is its ability to turn in a tight space. It was possible to turn the device around so that for example going to the toilet with it was also possible. With a normal wheelchair, I had no chance of doing so. The sturdy handles of the wheellator also give good support for moving. These and so many other things have made the Wheellator priceless to me. Pekka M.


For more active moving


  • Tough, lightweight carbon steel frame
  • Height graduated handles for easy adjustment
  • Puncture Proof castor wheels (200 x 50mm)
  • Optionally puncture proof spoked wheels with “Quick Release” action
  • Light action brakes with locking feature
  • Adjustable height backrest
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • CE marked
  • Colour: black, orange, or green
  • Minimal Assembly required

Total width: 68.5cm
Max, weight of user: 150kg
Height adjustment of push handles: 81-91cm
Assembled weight, 16kg
Seat height: 57cm
Folded width: 41cm
Space between push handles: 43cm


A need to which we have responded

Taking longer journeys is not a problem, as one of the advantages of the Wheellator is its variability. When you get tired on your walk, you can turn the Wheellator around, sit down, rest a bit and then continue your journey by manual propulsion* or be pushed onward by an assistant. It acts as two aids in one, saving space and costs and reducing the risk of accidents. The Wheellator offers users more independence, freedom, comfort, security and stability. It is designed to allow users optimum flexibility while moving and walking.

A height-adjustable backrest supports one’s back while seated. The larger rear wheels are also suitable for a rougher terrain. The standard tyres are solid rubber. Inflatable and treaded tyres are also available. The footrests can be adjusted to a suitable height. Push handle height adjustments, and stacking and folding are possible without any tools. The back wheels can be detached by pressing a quick-release button – for ease of transport.



It’s more than a walking frame


Price £963

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