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The Tomcat Handy is a hand-propelled trike designed for children with limited or no use of the legs. It can also be made to offer both hand and foot propulsion - creating therapeutic exercise for the whole body, helping to tone muscles and increase blood flow. The Handy has a unique design which specifically helps children with learning difficulties. A counterbalance in the handles overcomes the natural pendulum effect, ensuring an equal resistance at all times which tends to make it much easier to use.
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A square, flat, cushioned saddle provides extra security and support, and with the Handy’s light, two-piece frame, it can be easily transported, stored or converted to a trailer-trike - providing freedom to explore far and wide.
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  • Suitable for children aged 3-16 with average trike lifespan of 3 – 5 years
  • Balanced Cranks™ intuitive cycling for children with learning difficulties
  • Custom designed to suit the  individual
  • Adjustable for cranks, reach and height
  • Adjustable for footrest, reach, height and angle
  • Therapeutic benefits for improving strength, coordination and spatial awareness
  • Single speed fixed drive 
  • Fully Upholstered, full width Seat for comfort and stability
  • Safety Backrest with waist strap
  • Lightweight design – 17kg
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  • Hand AND foot cranking version 
  • Multi geared, 8 Speed, Shimano Inter8 Hub
  • Two-part frame for easy transportability and storage
  • Swivel Seat™ 
  • Transfer Step™ (removes need for manual handling)
  • Trailer Trike™ accessory. 
  • Foot shoes and leg supports
  • Cushioned backrest, trunk and head support
  • Thoracic harness, cushioned laterals, waist and lap strap
  • Rear basket, mudguard and mitts
  • Bionic Buddy™ Rechargeable motor drive
  • Safeguard Tyres
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"You kept your promise to get ready the bicycle for summer and we got it! Thank you for your professionalism in making the tricycle adaptable for Sammy’s needs, you knew the right pieces to add for Sammy’s comfort and safety"
Sammy’s mum


The Handy is a hand-controlled version of Tomcat’s famous Fizz trike which offers Carer Control™ (allowing for steering and brake supervision when needed), a light, two piece frame (for easy transport and storage), Trailer-Trike adaption (for family cycling) Dual Axle™ (switchable axle for training or sudden emergencies), and a Swivel Saddle (for easier accessibility).

The Handy will be made to measure so we always begin with a personal assessment of individual needs.  Once we understand the challenges you need the trike to overcome, we can customise your trike with a range of Tomcat innovations, or we’ll create a bespoke solution just for you.

For ease of use

What’s special about the Handy is the Balanced Cranks™ which make turning the handles much easier.  Children with learning difficulties often struggled to turn past the resistance in a traditional crank system, so our counterbalance creates equal resistance throughout the full turn for a far simpler experience.

For control and safety

Carer Control™ allows a parent or supervisor to both steer and brake from behind when needed, whilst the Carer Braking™ strap allows the child to take control whilst you apply the brake if needed.

For easy storage and transport

The Handy’s light, two part frame makes it stand apart from other large, bulky disability trikes.  Within a few seconds, you can take the trike apart into two pieces (and even remove the wheels if required) making it easy to transport in the family car, or to store away neatly at home.

For comfort and accessibility

A square, padded saddle provides extra support and security, whilst fixed foot supports are fully adjustable.

The Swivel Saddle™ and step system enables children to get on and off the Handy without the need for manual handling.  By turning the saddle to the side and using the step to reach the correct height, children can sit and swivel into position much more easily.

For good days and bad days

The switchable Dual Axle™ means that children who need a fixed drive to cycle smoothly can switch to a freewheel drive – this enables free-wheel cycle training or assistance by being pushed home or towed.  This is ideal for children with complex medical needs such as epilepsy, heart or behavioural problems who may need assistance from time to time.  

For full family outings
Freewheel or Dual Axle trikes can also be easily converted to a Trailer-Trike™ meaning children can join in with their peers or family groups on longer outings.

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